It’s Friday night and I’m cooking dinner

8 Jan

What is going on here? I can’t believe I’m making dinner on a Friday night but I’m really trying to stick to the eat in challenge.  I’ve done very well this week and I couldn’t believe that I could do it.  For breakfast, I’ve been making my own coffee at work (I have a travel Keurig on my desk) instead of going to the cafeteria.  I bought some multi grain bread and ground my own peanut butter at the grocery story so I’ve been relying on that as a staple for breakfast. For lunch, I have been bringing leftovers or other easy things I can throw together. 

Dinner has been more complicated but I’ve been sticking through. I went grocery shopping on Monday and stocked up on goodies and I’ve been surprised at how much my husband has been liking the things I’m cooking.  I made whole wheat pasta on Monday and tossed it with pesto, a bit of ricotta and grilled chicken and made a side salad for that.  That was a ton of food so we had leftovers for Tuesday.  Wednesday, I made these beef rolls up with peppers and onions and pepperjack that he also loved. He asked if we could make them for dinner every night forever and then yelled at me for not making more.   Tonight I am making chicken drumsticks with this seasoning my mom picked up at the Polish store – she loved it when she made it for my dad so she picked me up some to try. I am making a side of mac and cheese and steamed veggies.  Hopefully the hubs comes home soon because I am hungry!

Normally my husband doesn’t love my cooking. There are very few things I know how to make and I’m kind of a neurotic recipe follower.  I’m a scientist for a living so following recipes comes naturally to me. And as long as you follow the instructions, you can’t really screw it up. That usually means my food can be a bit bland. (Salt and pepper to taste?? TO TASTE?  That’s not an amount! You have to give me an amount!)  And I’m highly unadventurous.  I mastered a sloppy joes from scratch recipe and made those once a week for a while because it was what I was good at. When I ventured into new things, he would clean his plate but would never comment on it.  That’s how I know when it’s bad (well besides the fact that I can taste it).  If he doesn’t comment, he doesn’t like it. But if he likes it, he is full of praise. He always eats it though!  That’s love. 

But I hope that this exercise helps me become a better cook.  I think I’m already getting there. I have made some half hearted efforts in the past to cook more.  And there I have discovered some great recipes (like the one I found for lettuce wraps – that’s another one he’d eat every day).  And when I throw parties, I can make some really delicious things. I’ve discovered a new onion dip recipe that everyone raves about. I make a mean quiche and french toast casserole for brunch.  But those recipes are super fatty-fat recipes and so I can’t rely on those every day. I have to learn to cook delicious and healthy meals! 

Also, I’ve felt more free while cooking lately. I eyeball my seasonings.  And I taste as I go to make sure that the food doesn’t go out bland.  My husband still usually adds his own seasoning twists to my meals but it’s getting to me less and less. (He used to COVER my meals in salt or pepper or Emeril seasonings… yikes!)

I’m proud that I’m starting to get better at this and branch out more! And I’m definitely starting to try more foods at restaurants and experiment with that too.  As I start to like different types of food, that will mean I can expand what I cook for dinner. Gone are the days of chicken every. single. night. of. the. week.  (And I wonder why he was merely polite about my meals? What a snore I was!)

I don’t think this will ever be a food blog, but hopefully I can start posting some pics of my meals that I am making and any faboo recipes I come across.  In the meantime, I’m off to check on my chicken. Bon apetit!

PS After writing this, he came home and we had dinner. The chicken was a success! It was very moist and delicious and he was full of praise which means he actually liked it! Yay!


One Response to “It’s Friday night and I’m cooking dinner”

  1. Lucy February 4, 2010 at 11:55 pm #

    After reading several of your posts I feel like we are the same person–I too have anxiety issues, I struggled with getting pregnant, etc. But the thing you said that I relate too and that alos cracked me up is this–Salt and pepper to taste?? TO TASTE? That’s not an amount! You have to give me an amount!

    It’s like you’ve been in my kitchen!!! 🙂

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