24 Jan

This post was promised to be cheery. And even though the title sounds like a downer, I’m talking about a good kind of loss. 

I’ve lost about nine pounds since the beginning of the year and I think the Eat In Month Challenge plays a huge part of that. I know I haven’t been posting about it a lot mostly because I’ve been such a Debbie Downer that I was finding it difficult to post about anything but I have been staying strong and making dinners at home and eating my oatmeal every morning. 

I used to HATE oatmeal with a passion but Diana from The Chic Life is always posting pictures of her oatmeal breakfasts and they always looked yummy and I used to think how much I wanted to like oatmeal but I just didn’t.  But now I realize, I just didn’t like those oatmeal packets where they would have these fake little chunks of apple bits and always tasted like mush.  I didn’t realize real oats could taste so good! Especially with a spoonful of fresh ground peanut butter from the store down the street.  Very yum! So I have become a full fledged oatmeal supporter!

I don’t want to overstate my loss.  This is starting from right after the holidays and I had weighed myself at the end of a week long binge.  Even if I had just gone back to eating like I normally had before, I probably would have lost some weight.  But still nine pounds!  I hope that if I keep making these small changes in my life, I can lose even more and become healthier overall.

And then maybe I can fulfill my goal of buying something super adorable to wear from Anthropologie in a smaller size than I am now!


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