Giving things up

15 Feb

I’ve been away from work for almost a week now.  Wednesday and Thursday were official snow days. I took a personal day on Friday because I realized I could get nearly a week off work if I did so because I had President’s Day off.  It’s been lovely but I’ve become super lazy just sitting at home.  I have not wanted to move from the couch.  We just started watching Battlestar Gallactica on DVD and I’ve been content to sit and watch episodes of that instead of moving.  We did go out for a lovely Valentine’s Day brunch at a nice restaurant near our house.  I had buttermilk waffles with blueberry sauce and fresh berries.  Amazing!

So now, I’m coming up on going back to work tomorrow and facing the fact that this Wednesday is Ash Wednesday.  Which is the start of Lent. Which means I have to start thinking about what I’m planning on giving up for Lent.  I realize that many other Christian religions don’t approve of this practice but I’m a Catholic and it’s what we do and I’m not here to argue my religion to anyone. I’m just telling you what I’m doing.

I’ve been going to church less and less lately even though you’d think that I’d be drawn more into it with all the issues going on in our lives.  But I’ve been starting to feel blah about it.  Like it’s not helping me because it’s not like any of my prayers are getting answered.  And I have to continually remind myself that God is not a genie in a bottle here to grant my wishes.  And sometimes there is a reason why I don’t get what I want. 

So I’m trying to use this Lent as a way to get closer to my faith again and I’m hoping that by giving something up and making a sacrifice in my life, I will remind myself that a far greater sacrifice was made for me once. 

But I don’t know what to give up this year.  I’ve been thinking of the usuals – chocolate, soda, etc.  One year I tried to give up complaining. I don’t remember how long that lasted but I can guarantee it wasn’t more than a day.  I only have til Wednesday to decide so I better get it sorted out quickly!  Any suggestions?


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