My Butt

9 Mar

Two Fridays ago, my husband was recovering from surgery.  However, there was a load of snow on the ground and since we live in a wind tunnel, there was a ton of snow due to drift.  Since my husband couldn’t do the shoveling and I couldn’t get back into the driveway (we had driven out without shoveling in a rush to get to the hospital to get to the person who was losing her baby), I had to park in our lot while I shoveled the driveway.  After I was done, I decided to repark the car. 

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

Why couldn’t I have just waited til the next morning?

Instead, I checked the mail and saw I had a package.  So I grabbed the package and walked to my car.  I stepped very carefully over the ice.  Not carefully enough, it would appear.  My feet went out from under me. I landed flat on my butt. In excruciating pain.  But! Have no fear!! My package remained safely in my hands.  Stupid human brain! Protecting my Body Shop package instead of my butt!

So, I get up whimpering and get in my car.  And then scream in the car because it hurts so bad.  And now… it still hurts.  Less so but it’s painful.  When I wake up in the morning, I feel great.  But by the afternoon, I’m starting to feel it again.  I’m thinking of investing in one of those donut pillows.  Is it bad that I’m only thinking about it right now and not definitely getting one because I care more about the embarrassment of sitting on a donut pillow than how I feel?  Stupid vanity!


What do you think?

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