Busy bee

24 Mar

I’ve been so busy lately that I feel like I’ve been neglecting things.  We threw my sister-in-law a bridal shower this past weekend and it was a lot of work! So much of the family was seeing my house for the first time so I felt the need to scrub it from top to bottom.  Even down to washing my curtains!  They didn’t seem that dirty but once I washed them, I realized how gross they were.  I feel so much better about how the house looks now but it was exhausting.

The shower went really well though and the bride-to-be seemed very happy with the party and the attention and her gifts.  The catering was amazing and we got lots of compliments on how we decorated the house so I would say it was a rousing success!

I am so grateful for the fact that my butt was feeling better by the time I had to clean for the shower. I feel like every time I’m sick or in pain, I always think that I’ll be so grateful to feel normal. But by the time I feel normal, I forget that I was ever in pain and don’t feel as grateful as I should.  But this time I fully realized what a good thing it was!  It was so great not to hurt anymore and to be able to bend over without any pain.  I don’t know if my tailbone magically healed itself overnight or what. I went from horrible pain to nothing in a day but I’m so happy because it let me get all the preparation done for the shower and it was all worth it!


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