26 Mar

Oh my gosh… has anyone used one of these Sonicare toothbrushes before?  Why has no one told me how amazing they are.  My husband bought a Waterpik and Sonicare toothbrush not too long ago and he has been RAVING about it.  Seriously, once a day I have to look at his teeth and compliment him on how nice they look.  Otherwise he thinks the day has been a failure.

So after hearing about the marvels of these items, I finally gave in and let him order me them as well.  They came last week but I was in full on party planning mode so I didn’t have a chance to try them yet.  Today, I tried them both out. 

What have I been waiting for?

My teeth have never felt cleaner. I never want to eat again because I don’t want to ruin the clean that is my mouth.  It is the best feeling ever.  I have been trying to cut back on soda.  Well guess what? Right now I don’t want soda! I don’t want to mess up my delightfully clean and minty mouth. I wouldn’t want to stain my teeth which look gorgeous right now. 

When I discovered the Reach flosser, I declared that it had changed my life.  How little I knew then.


What do you think?

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