The Hills

5 Apr

I am obsessed with bad tv.  A lot of it. I watch that stupid Secret Life of the American Teenager show on ABC Family where the acting is so wooden and ridiculous that even tweens don’t think it’s interesting.  And yet I still do.  And not ironically.  I don’t watch to mock.  I watch because I enjoy it.

The Hills comes back April 27th.  And they’ve posted a trailer. I’m not going to bother to repost the trailer.  If you’re like me and actually care, you’ve already seen it.  If you’re not like me and don’t care, you probably wouldn’t watch it anyway. 

For those of you have seen it – poor Heidi.  I mean, seriously.  Poor Heidi.  True, her fame-whorishness brought it all on herself.  But have you seen her face?  There is a scene in the preview where she is asking her mother if she looks pretty.  And her mom can’t answer the question.  Because Heidi took her naturally pretty face and made it into something so plastic and so painful looking that you can hardly look at her seriously.

Why would you do that to yourself?  Did she really have that little self-esteem?  She was cute! She was perky! Sure, she was kind of vapid but it wasn’t all bad.  She was famous for being Lauren’s friend and she had a fairly big storyline. Why did she have to become such a bitch? Just to get noticed more?  And the plastic surgery is just terrible!  I can’t understand how she looks at herself in the mirror and thinks that this is better. 

But I’ll be tuning in to see…


One Response to “The Hills”

  1. Stella M. August 8, 2010 at 8:03 am #

    I have always been a huge fan of The Hills – since Laguna Beach good old times, even though I am aware it didn’t ever happen anything interesting.
    This last season was ridiculously dull, but it’s not like I stopped watching.
    Heidi and Darlene’s heart to heart simply broke my heart.
    Heidi was so much fresh, expressive and beautiful before. OK, maybe she was not the next Kate Moss, but still…
    I cannot believe she was so inconsiderate to ruin her face for good.
    Anyway, I don’t blame it on Spencer (although he has always been such a scary manipulative guy).
    Sadly as it sounds, I feel like this was Heidi’s autonomous decision.
    That said – Anna, I am curious to know: Which were your favourite characters on The Hills? And your least favourite?

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