Crossing things of the list

12 Apr

I am making amazing headway with my 101 in 1001 list!  I can’t get over it.  The weird thing, though? I’m not even trying.  Not a little bit.  Today I was bored so I read old blog entries and found my list and was just thinking oh, done, done, in progress, done, etc.  How did that happen?  These were all things I thought I’d have to rev myself up to do and very little revving has been required. So below is my progress:

2.  Eat at restaurant alone. 

I conquered this one today. I have always made a huge deal of this. I have gone on business trips where I had the ideal opportunity to do this and I have wussed out and ordered room service every single time.  Now, I did this in my own backyard without a second thought! Who am I?

Today I wanted to get out of the house because my father-in-law is here painting (more on that later).  So I decided to bring my Kindle and go to lunch. I was going to go to a fast food chain because it was quick and convenient but then remember a cafe that advertised paninis that I had wanted to try. So I went in, asked for a table for 1, ordered my food, ate and read. Even contemplated dessert for a minute.  All of my own.  Without even thinking about it. The impact of what I had done didn’t hit me until I was in the car.  I can’t believe something that was such a huge fear for me was so anticlimactic!

6. Paint the downstairs of house (or have it painted).

My father-in-law is currently painting the downstairs of our house.  He does this for a living so we figured why not keep the job in the family. It looks amazing.  The living room and dining room are all chocolate browns and latte colors.  The kitchen and family room are all greens.   Love it.  All the trim is white.  It looks so nice and it’s not even done yet!

 10. Go to spa and get a massage.

Appointment is scheduled for Thursday. I didn’t even have to try at all for this one. My sister-in-law has a gift card about to expire and asked if I wanted to go with her to the spa and get a massage myself!  She made the appointment and everything.  She is being nice enough to let me have whatever is left over on her gift card after she pays for hers, too.

11. Buy 5 “just because” gifts for people (4 down, 1 to go). 

My mom was looking for bath salts a few years ago and had a hard time finding ones she liked. I found some nice ones at Crabtree and Evelyn for her and bought them for Mother’s Day. Ever since then, I buy her any kind of fun bath fizzers or things I see.  Pier 1 is a great spot for this.  This year, they had flip flip shaped fizzers and butterfly shaped ones so I picked some up for her.  Also, I was at a stationary store that was going out of business. I found a pink notepad with a margarita glass and thought my sister-in-law would love it so I bought it. I was right – she thought it was the cutest thing in the world. It’s nice to be able make someone smile with less than 2 bucks!

51. Clean out garage so I can park my car in it.

Another one I barely had to do anything for. While my father-in-law has been here painting, he tidied up our garage.  Granted, there are still large pieces of furniture that need to be donated to charity and I have to sort through some piles, but he made my job a whole lot easier so far!

80. Take a bubble bath.

Another one I had nothing to do with! My husband cleaned out our tub and poured me a bubble bath one night.  Why do I not do this ALL THE TIME? So relaxing and lovely. I felt lighter and cheerier for hours afterwards.

98. Buy/make curtains for the bedroom.

I wussed out on this and went the buy route.   I guess I can eventually make curtains for the bedroom but so far I haven’t.  I bought some because we were having the bridal shower here and I wanted my bedroom to look more pulled together. I got some comments from the hubs about how he hates them but I think he’s used to them by now so they are staying!!

99. Get fitted for a bra. Oprah says I’m wearing the wrong size.

Oprah was right – SO right.  I knew it too. I had gained weight but never changed bra sizes.  I am a D cup ladies.  D!  Do you know what that means? I have been suffering from smushed boob syndrome for far too long.  Now that I’m wearing the right size, I feel so much better. And I look WAY better in my cute springy t-shirts. One thing that is annoying though. I have tried on every bra in the universe (not kidding) and in every size. And even in the best fitting ones, I feel like my bra straps are STILL slipping.  Do I have really weird shoulders or something?


2 Responses to “Crossing things of the list”

  1. NGS April 13, 2010 at 9:06 am #

    I don’t think The Apothecary’s Daughter is Christian lit. I mean, church is mentioned, but there are no inner monologues on accepting Jesus. So read it with no fear.

    RE: Bra’s sliding down. This is my universal problem and I KNOW full well it’s because I don’t rotate my bras frequently enough or spend enough money on them. See this link here ( for more info on that, especially the paragraph that begins: “I’m also someone with narrow shoulders so I’ve had the issue with straps falling down. With a well-fitting bra the band does the majority of the work and the straps give support to help keep the girls where they need to be on your chest.” Good luck!

  2. Lucy April 22, 2010 at 1:14 am #

    Straps falling down–one of my major issues. Soooo annoying! I also can’t keep a purse on my shoulders either. Maybe I just have non-existent shoulders since nothing will stay put on them!

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