8 Jun

Blergh – according to my stats, barely anyone has bothered to check in here probably because this place has been so darned quiet.  I’ve been crazy busy with the puppy!

How did I get a puppy? I have no idea! I’m TERRIFIED of dogs.  The first time I met A’s family, their friendly yellow lab came up to greet me and I burst into tears. TEARS!  I’ve been afraid of dogs since kindergarten when I was nearly attacked in a park.  But lately, I’ve been braver.  If  I have to go to the vet for our cat, I’ve been boldly walking past the dogs pretending to be brave. 

Then, I met my neighbor’s beagle one day and he seemed sweet.  Kind of fat and slow.  So I thought, this is the kind of dog I can get behind!  Fat, lazy, slow and with such cute floppy ears?  SOLD.  So I went on a local dog rescue’s site.  I like to visit once in a while to check out the pictures of cute puppies.  Who doesn’t love cute puppies?  It was fate.  There were three seven week old beagle pups listed.  Two boys and a girl.  And the girl had the sweetest eyes in the world. 

I showed the hubs the pictures.  He looked at the first dog and said yeah, he looks like a beagle.  He looked at the second dog and hesitate a minute before saying, “Aw.”   Then I showed him the girl and he said, “Oh no, she needs a home!!”  But we were just talking in the abstract.  We weren’t going to get a dog. I’m afraid of dogs!!

Later I started to wonder – what if this wasn’t in the abstract?  What if I was serious about this?  So I emailed the dog rescue and asked whether the beagle pups would be at the next meet and greet event they were having.  They were!  So I told A that we should go. Just to play with the puppies of course.  We went and I was blazing past big dogs because I was so excited about the puppies.  Turned out they were beagle mixes.  Such cuties.  I talked to their foster mom and she asked if I wanted to hold the one she was holding.  I held him and he put his head in the crook of my arm and snuggled in.  Later when he got wriggly, I put him down and he was curious and alert but very sweet.  Then I went to play with the girl and she was so sweet.  As I was holding her, she put her head on my chest and sighed up at me.  She was the smallest one and so lovable.  A refused to hold the dogs at all. He didn’t want to get attached.

Later that evening, the foster mom emailed me and said that the girl had been adopted.  We hadn’t even gotten a chance to decide if we wanted to put in an application!  I was crushed even though I knew we weren’t getting a dog.  Hubs must have been too because that night, he said let’s apply for the boy that I was holding the longest.  I wasn’t waiting for him to change his mind.  I applied the next morning and a day or two later, I got the news that we had been picked!! (They don’t go by first come, first serve.  They review the applications to find the best home.) 

He came home to us on the day we found out that his sister was sick.  The next day, he got sick. Diahrrea and lethargy. It was parvo which many of the puppies that had recently been rescued had. We later found out that if we hadn’t adopted him the day we did, he would have been euthanized because the rescue didn’t have the money to pay for his treatment.  He started to get better when his brother came down with it too.  He hadn’t been adopted so they were going to euthanize him. His foster mom took him back home and attempted to nurse him back to health on her own.  We stepped in and offered to contribute to his vet bill and they agreed!   Eventually, all three puppies got better and all three are adopted now!

I love the puppy!  He is very nippy and loves to bite every human body part. (Including boobs! OUCH!)  But he is so smart.  He’s 11 or 12 weeks now and as soon as he was healthy, he very quickly learned how to sit, come, give his paw and lie down.  Stay is a work in progress, especially when I have a bowl of dog food in my hand.  I am now obsessed with the Dog Whisperer trying to figure out how to control the barking and the biting.  I’m just grateful that he is happy and healthy now!

Only issue is that he is looking less beagle like by the day.  He has these long long legs and I think he is going to get to be big! That’s the issue with rescuing a mutt. You never know what you’re going to get.  At this point, we love him so we’ll have to figure it out no matter what his size!


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