The job hunt

9 Jun

So I’ve been laid off for two months now and in a way it’s been good.  I can focus on getting some baby stuff together so we can start treatments.  I can focus on training the puppy.  I can get things done around in the house.  In reality, the only thing I’ve been focusing on is the puppy. I feel so stalled on the baby thing.  I just never have energy to do things around the house.  So I started to think.  If I’m not going to be productive during this time, what is the point of postponing my job hunt?  So I renewed it. 

It was actually coincidental, the day I decided to do this, I got a phone call from HR of a fairly large company and they wanted to schedule a phone interview with hiring manager.  I had the phone interview on Monday and it seemed to go well.  I think they will have me in for a face to face but he said HR would call back by next week to discuss next steps.  Also, a friend of mine put my resume in for a position in the company where he got a job and hopefully that will get my resume more notice than just submitting it online.

In a way, I’d love more of a break but on the other hand, I think I was much more productive and energetic when I was working!  So it’s off to work I go.   As long as I can find someone to hire me!


What do you think?

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