Updating the List

12 Jul

21. Grow an herb garden.

Grow is a strong term, isn’t it?  I bought one of those preplanted herb gardens at Home Depot with basil, thyme and oregano.  But I also planted some rosemary and sage in another pot.  All 5 herbs are flourishing! 

27. Plant flowers in the spring/summer and keep them alive for the season.

I finally did this! I think my issue is that I never spent a lot of time outside before.  So I never really cared what it looked like outside.  But now with the puppy, I am outside all the time.  Walking him and just spending time with him outside so the he gets his energy out.  So I have two hanging baskets in front and two in the back.  And on the deck, I have two planters filled with flowers.  They look great and they’ve been alive for a month now!!

35. Clean out my closet and donate all clothes that don’t fit, etc.

Started this but have only made a small dent in them all.  There are so many! And I have to go through my husband’s things too and sometimes I have to double-check with him what can be donated and what can’t. But I’m making progress. There is so much in my house that I want to unclutter. I’m feeling overwhelmed.

39. Take my mom out for a fun day and try to avoid getting annoyed with her.

My aunt was visiting so my mom brought her down to my place for a day and the three of us went to Philadelphia.  I took them around the historic sites in Philly and then we went on a Duck Boat Tour, which was lots of fun.  And luckily we had a very safe ride and trip on the land and water. What a terrible shame that was about the duck boat tour that crashed. 

41. Buy a grill and patio set and use it regularly in the summer (hopefully enjoying the flowers I’ve planted and kept alive).

We bought both!  On great deals from Home Depot.  We have been using it pretty regularly and I love having a place to sit outside.  And it’s so nice when people come over. 

47. Read a news website every day. (AND NOT THE ENTERTAINMENT SECTION!)

This is easy. Luckily there’s an app for that. I downloaded the ABC News app and now when I’m procrastinating getting out of bed, I scroll through and read the news. I feel like I have more of a grip on what is going on in life which makes me feel less dumb when people are talking about current events.


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