Brenda’s Back!!

11 Aug

Brenda Barrett is back on General Hospital!  They have been publicizing this like crazy. I stand in line at the food store and it is all over the covers on the soap magazines near the registers.  There are millions of commercials about Brenda’s return and her men.  Yesterday instead of the regular ABC soaps, they played three reruns of pivotal Brenda and her men episodes.  In between the episodes, there were commercials and interviews of the actors talking about Brenda’s return. 

And yet!! And yet… today, the day of Brenda’s much hyped return, they spend the entire episode showing a mystery woman but not showing her face.  As if there is any big mystery as to who this woman could be.  Of course it’s Brenda! Who else would it be?  It’s one thing if you are trying to surprise people.  Then I can see that the big reveal at the end when they announced Brenda Barrett’s name and finally show the mystery woman’s face being warranted.  But really? I’ve been hearing about Brenda’s return for AGES now and I’m not even one of those huge devoted soap fans.  I DVR the damn show and fast forward through about 75% of it every day! Who was this big reveal for?  Are there people dumb enough to think that it wasn’t Brenda?  Or where there people sitting at home thinking that they just know this mystery woman would be Brenda and then patting themselves on the back when it’s revealed?

Sometimes I question my own sanity for still watching this crap.


One Response to “Brenda’s Back!!”

  1. Stella M. August 12, 2010 at 5:21 am #

    General Hospital isn’t broadcast here.
    Anyway, according to ratings, a lot of people watch The Bold and The Beautiful. I do as well, whenever I’m home for lunch. Mainly because of the outfits, I admit.
    I guess that when it comes to soap operas, returns are doomed to be overhyped. Like when Taylor came back to town after years with that far-fetched Arabian sheikh.

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