12 Aug

This time of year I inevitabley start to get sick of summer.  It’s too hot. It starts to get even hotter than it was in July and it gets annoying.  My vacation is over.  The school supplies are back in the aisles of the stores.  The back to school commercials are all over the place.  Friends start posting first day of school pictures of their kids on Facebook. And I start to get in that back to school mood myself, even though I’m not going back.

It was always been my favorite time of year.  And going back to school always meant a clean slate.  Whatever you did last year didn’t matter this year.  You were starting fresh.  You could make that year anything you wanted it to be.

It starts to cool down and you can break out your boots and sweaters.  The weather is crisp and cool.  You can walk around in jeans and a sweater but without a jacket.  The leaves start to turn and to fall and it feels like you’re living in some New England town even though you’re not.

Everything starts to get apple and pumpkin flavored. You can’t escape apple pie.  And pumpkin spice lattes come out at Starbucks (which means that gingerbread lattes are on their way!!) and everyone is really in the mood for a hot cup of coffee instead of an iced coffee. 

I always get in a better mood when fall is coming.  But it never comes soon enough.  Last year, we were in Amsterdam at the end of August and beginning of September and there it felt like fall. So it was very disappointing to come back home to the heat and realize fall was still a long way away.  Now I know I still have to get through August and September before it starts to cool down.  It seems like way too long to wait!


One Response to “Fall”

  1. Stella M. August 13, 2010 at 5:41 am #

    I am with you about Autumn.
    I like when sultry weather is finally gone and it becomes getting cooler without being cold like in Winter.
    Never had I tasted the lattes you mentioned. The gingerbread one must be good!
    Oh, Amsterdam is such a wonderful city! It seems everyone rides the bicycle instead of driving, the colourful house, the bridges, the tulips (which are everywhere!), and Anna Frank’s house. Love all of it!
    Have a great week-end… despite sultry weather!

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