Try at least 10 new foods

13 Aug

5. Try at least 10 new foods. (6 down, 4 to go.)

I tried two new foods in Italy. One shocked the hell out of me!  We sat down at a restaurant on our first night and this bossy Italian man just started telling us what we wanted and acting as if we agreed. We figured, let’s just go with it.  We’re hungry, we’re in Italy, how bad can it be?  He brought out platters of food as an antipasto platter.  And one of the things he brought out was chicken liver pate on a piece of bread. I was starving and I figured,  “when in Rome…”  (although we were in Florence).  I shocked the heck out of everyone at the table by being the first to pick it up and try it.  I am so hesitant about new things. And it was GOOD! Knowing what it is, I would probably never order it again but if you had just made up an Italian name for it and not told me it was liver, I would probably order it again and again.

The second was an accident.  I ordered a dish that I thought would have dried figs and it had fresh figs instead.  Which I had never had and was a bit wary to try because they looked nothing like dried figs.  I was not a fan.  I didn’t like the texture of the seeds in my mouth and it tasted a little melon-y.  Which I guess makes sense since it was served with Parma ham and that is sometimes done with cantaloupe. However, I much prefer dried figs with their sweet yumminess.

I am getting much braver though and hopefully after I’m done with my 10, I keep going!


2 Responses to “Try at least 10 new foods”

  1. Stella M. August 14, 2010 at 3:57 am #

    Well, you don’t need to make up a name: The first appetiser you talked about is called “bruschetta/crostino di fegatini di pollo”.
    Tuscany is the land of bruschette/crostini! I prefer the ones with tomatoes and olive oil, though.

    As for the second dish, it is a very common appetiser here: Fresh figs plus ham or melon plus ham. I love fresh figs, as long as they are ripe and tasty. In my opinion, the best kind is called “Fioroni”. They’re usually green and big. I use dried figs when I bake strudel cake, though.

    Well done, Anna: Now you have got just four new dishes left!

  2. The Bitch Stopped Cooking August 14, 2010 at 11:39 am #

    This is so fun! Good for you!

    I enjoy figs, they make a decent snack and are somewhat entertaining to eat since they are all sorts of crunchy and squishy.

    Good luck with your culinary adventure!

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