I forgot to add another new food!

15 Aug

As I was looking through my pictures, I realized I forgot to add another new food that I tried in Italy! Lardo.  According to the wisdom of the internet, lardo is cured pork made from the thick layer of fat below the skin of the pig.  The hubs ordered it as an appetizer – it came on crostini.  And the nice waiter tried to convince him that he would prefer something from the English menu (there was more cool stuff on the Italian menu, though!).  We finally convinced him that we weren’t tourists who were going to turn up our noses at traditional foods and when it came out, I was so jealous that I didn’t order it myself. 

It was very very very thin slices of the lardo on crostini. The bread was still warm and the lardo almost kind of melted into the crostini a bit. It was delicious.  Better than bacon!! Now I know what Anthony Bourdain was talking about.


One Response to “I forgot to add another new food!”

  1. Stella M. August 16, 2010 at 5:54 am #

    Anthony Bourdain is charming. I like his No Resevations website!

    I’ve never eaten lardo, actually. Anyway, it is a pretty famous ingredient when it comes to restaurants: It is not only used on crostini but it is also utilised by chefs when they cook a certain kind of risotto referred to as “saffron risotto”.

    So, now only three new food left: Good!

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