Post Puppy Depression

17 Aug

I have been going through bouts of post puppy depression.  The first one was about two weeks after the puppy got healthy (and crazy energetic) and I just couldn’t keep up.  It was like having a toddler.  I had to have him in my sights at all times. I had to either hold my pee or crate him.  I would literally schedule bathroom trips around his naps.  But everyone told me this would happen.  And they told me it would pass.  And it did.

But then.  THEN! He started teething.  And the mania started again.  He bites and bites and bites and bites and bites. (Is anyone else singing Itchy and Scratchy in their head?)  At first, it was awful because he had these sharp little baby teeth that killed.  Now that his adult teeth are coming in, it hurts less.  I know it’s only because he’s teething and really the biting has improved so much.  It used to be terrible and now he is so much better.   And this weekend felt like a major turning point. He seemed to be so well behaved.

Then.  THEN!  Yesterday, he lost another tooth and that has seemed to set off a new bout of crazy.  It’s like that tooth was holding the demon in and once it fell out, the demon could come out and play.  And today I was feeling the post puppy depression.  There are some days where I just can’t take it.  Why didn’t anyone tell me a puppy was so much work?  He needs constant attention if he’s not in his crate.  And he is TERRIBLE at meeting new people and other dogs. He just wants to jump up on them and he means well. He just wants to play. But it’s annoying and frustrating and I can’t figure out how to get him to stop.  And I want to give him away to the first person that walks past.

But then.  THEN!  Sometimes, he does these amazing things.  Like the cat came into the room and he stood there and watched the cat without barking and then he sat.  SAT!  And then he lay down.  It wasn’t til the cat started hissing at him that he got up and walked over to the cat.  And even then, it was out of curiosity and he didn’t bark.  He just ran away when the cat started to swat.  And he looks up at me with those brown puppy eyes with such love than I wonder how I could ever be angry at him. 

People tell me that I will miss these days.  But right now? I’m just longing for that time where I can have a dog lay at my feet chewing on a bully stick (which is dried bull penis – seriously, I expected gross dog poop but I never new how gross the accessories could be) and not jumping up to attack my hand just because his mouth hurts.


4 Responses to “Post Puppy Depression”

  1. Holli Johnson August 17, 2010 at 8:42 pm #

    Sounds rough! I’ve been desperately yearning for a puppy, but may end up adopting one a bit older. I’ve never dealt with puppy teething and such, and am not entirely sure I’m up to it! But I do know those sweet puppy eyes could make me so easily forget all the hardship, lol.

  2. Stella M. August 18, 2010 at 3:14 pm #

    Well, I think it is somewhat similar with a baby. I don’t know if I am able to explain it in words but I’m going to try.
    Basically, your baby throws up on you, bites you, keeps you from sleeping and so on. Sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed and so, so tired. Then, he smiles at you or he looks at you with a funny face or he laughs while drawing something with his chubby fingers. And all is forgiven. Just like that.
    I am not saying one loves a puppy as much as her/his own baby, of course. 🙂 But still, the mental mechanism is kind of similar.

  3. Erin Wolverton September 1, 2010 at 1:39 pm #

    You can actually train a dog out of biting, regardless of its stage of teething or age. Whenever the dog touches you with its teeth, you make a high-pitched noise like a squeak or a squeal. It recalls for the dog the sounds of its littermates and signals to him “oh, that hurt her–don’t do that anymore.” How old is your puppy?

    Also, for general behavioral problems I was a huge fan of an aluminum can filled with small coins. You shake it and the noise startles the dog out of doing whatever they were doing wrong and discourages them from doing it in the future.

  4. saraj December 7, 2010 at 3:34 pm #

    OH MY GOSH!!!
    I know exactly what you mean, i have a chocolate lab and he is driving me CRAZY!!!!!
    I didnt realise how much hard work a puppy would be. He isnt getting potty training at all!!!!! so my house is soaked in weeee!!
    he doesnt bite me because i make such a massive thing about it and ignore him.
    he is destroying my house – chewing me walls and doors.
    I cant work as he gets so upset he gets ill so im stuck with him ALL the time.
    My husband is away in the army so its all on me all the time.
    He pulls me on walks to the point it hurts. Ive tried everything with him and ive had enough and want to give him away.
    I do love him but, my life would be so much better, easier, happier and we would have money if we didnt have him…
    i just want him to be a adult dog and be calm and easy.
    😦 im glad im not alone.
    i just dont see him getting better any time soon and dont think i can continue feeling like this anymore

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