Sleep tight – don’t let the bedbugs bite

1 Sep

Ugh, bedbugs are EVERYWHERE.  They are all over the news.  I can’t turn around without seeing something about them.  And every time I do, I itch.  I itch everywhere.  Mosquito bites turn into bed bug bites.  My head itches, my legs, my arms.  I just ended up throwing all my bed linens in the wash on super hot water and am washing the comforter today because I got so crazy over it. I’ve been inspecting my mattress. I found nothing.  But it doesn’t even matter because the crazy has taken root in my brain.

It doesn’t matter that the bites I have are clearly mosquito bites that I remember getting at a BBQ.  It doesn’t matter that there is no evidence of bedbugs on my mattress.  It doesn’t matter that the bites didn’t even itch until I read the stupid article.  It doesn’t matter that there is no reason at all to believe that we have bedbugs other than the fact that they are all over the news.

I am convinced that they are all over me when I sleep.  My neuroses are starting to drive me crazy.  I used to be like this about Lyme Disease when they would do all the news stories about it but I guess bedbugs have replaced ticks as the new hot bug to fear?

PS – I’m also like this any time I hear anyone say the word lice.  And someone just posted about putting the head lice check at school on their calendar so I’m double itchy now.


One Response to “Sleep tight – don’t let the bedbugs bite”

  1. Stella M. September 5, 2010 at 1:35 pm #

    I must have mistaken “bedbugs” for “ladybugs”. Ladybugs are so cute, they’re good luck in my country — or at least, that’s what they say.
    Anyway, now I have understood what bedbugs are (thanks, dictionary!) and, yes, they’re hideous. 😦
    The media scaremongering is annoying, though. I guess, that’s because it’s summer. Seems like they have to find something to talk about at all costs.

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