11 Sep

I’ve started to re-teach myself how to crochet.  I knew how to do it in like 6th grade.  It’s a random hobby for a 6th grader, I know.  But in sixth grade, I was in a gifted and talented school and we had clubs.  They weren’t after school.  I think once a week, we would have a day where we’d have these specialized classes in the morning and then we’d have one or two clubs in the afternoon.  You could either choose two short clubs or one club that took up the entire afternoon.  Somehow, my best friend at the time talked me into joining the crochet club with her. I never got very far though.  I would do the foundation chain and the next stitch on top of that, but I would always rip my work apart and start over. I was too afraid of going on to the next chain. I was afraid of learning how to “turn” and I was the only person in the club who didn’t complete my potholder.  The fear of messing it all up is what held me back.  (This is a recurring theme in my life.)

I don’t remember when but recently, I thought I would try to pick it up again.  I bought the Klutz book. You know, the books for pre-teens?  Anyway, I heard it was the easiest way to learn and it came with yarn and a hook.  I figured if it kids could figure it out using this book, I probably could too.  It was pretty easy to pick back up and I already crocheted a pair of baby booties for a friend.  I’m working on a blanket for the same baby now but that’s taking a little longer.  I’m still having some issues because the ends looks a little uneven but I plan on adding fringe.  Fringe hides everything, right?

It’s been fun having something to do besides stalk people on Facebook while watching tv in the evening.  I read a book once where a woman would buy a length of fabric and hem it in front of the tv at night to make a tablecloth. It was simple and her husband liked the feeling of watching her sew while they watched tv and then he would say with pride that she made it when she put it on the table.  I almost feel the same way. It’s nice to be actually making something while watching tv.  And since the blanket I’m making is really easy and basically one stitch and so it’s kind of brainless.   And once I improve, I can move up to more complicated patterns. 

Knitting, on the other hand,  is still beyond me.  Getting those two needles to work together is just impossible for me!


One Response to “Crafty”

  1. Stella M. September 12, 2010 at 2:00 pm #

    Crocheting is such a cute and relaxing hobby. Furthermore one gets to hand-make beautiful gifts.
    As for knitting, they say that it is the easiest thing ever once you have mastered the whole mechanism. Too bad I’m no good when it comes to needles working together.
    Luckily shops are full of jumpers/sweaters, so I guess that’s okay. 🙂

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