The Underdog

12 Sep

I hate sports.  Watching them. Playing them.

I love sports movies.  I root for the underdog. I cry when they win. 

Any sports movie.  Mighty Ducks, Miracle, The Cutting Edge, Prefontaine, A League of Their Own, Rudy.  They don’t even have to be good movies!  They just have to feature a downtrodden underdog type team that works hard and improves and goes the finals/Olympics/whatever else sporty big thing there is and then pulls it out in the end to win!  And even if they don’t win (Bring It On – oops is that a spoiler? You all MUST know how Bring It On ends, right?? If not, go out and rent it. The journey is most of the fun – who cares if I just ruined the ending for you!), they  learn a valuable lesson in the long run. 

If you put on a football game, I will stab my eyes out with a fork.  If you put on Friday Night Lights, I am glued to the tv.  Maybe it’s because I’m so terrible at sports, that these movies let me live through a little bit of the excitement without any of the boring parts thrown in!  We only see the important plays.  The sports announcer is always saying something inspirational and not rattling off boring stats from 1954. 

Maybe it’s just that I like to root for the underdog and it makes me feel excited when they actually pull through and win.  Or maybe it’s because I’m a hyper emotional person and can always use a reason to cry when something happy is happening!


2 Responses to “The Underdog”

  1. FCblacksheep September 12, 2010 at 12:20 pm #

    Hahahahaha. It’s almost scary how much you sound like me sometimes. I echo the fork in the eye thing and am right now trying to block out the sounds of the first official football Sunday. I’m also a huge underdog supporter. Did you ever see Lucas? It’s an 80s classic (well, for me). You might be too young maybe.

  2. Stella M. September 12, 2010 at 2:34 pm #

    Haha, you made me laugh.
    I like to ski and swim. They’re so much fun, it’s not tiring at all like any other sports, one feels free and fresh, it’s so good. You have to try each of them when you have the chance!
    I don’t usually watch sport on TV. The only sport I kind of like watching is World Cup soccer (minus those annoying vuvuzelas, this year!)
    I love sport movies too. Especially the cheesy ones, of course! I’ve seen A League Of Their Own tons of times, Tom Hanks is so funny as the bitter coach.

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