Day 3 – Your first love

19 Oct

Touchy subject, huh?  My first love was in college and we dated for under a year.  We broke up a week before our one year anniversary.  He broke up with me.  Broke my heart into itty-bitty pieces.  It came as  HUGE shock to me.  It seemed like all my friends knew he was going to do this before I did.  The following year we had major issues.  He wanted to stay friends but apparently his version of staying friends was me crying over him and lusting after him.  He was allowed to move on. I was not.  And still, I thought I would never get over it. 

But I did.  And when I moved to this area, my friend came to visit and we went out.  We ran into a college friend of mine and she asked me to come out onto the deck and meet her friends. So I went.  And there he sat.  He smiled at me and I sat down to talk to him.  I apparently agreed with everything he said very emphatically.  I was a little tipsy.  Who can remember? 

I do remember going into the bathroom and asking my friend if he had a girlfriend and she said no.  I told her to call me next time she went out with him.  She called the next weekend but I was already at a girls’ night and who would ditch their girls for a boy?   So I told her to tell him I thought he was cute .  I was kidding.  She was not. She told him – I felt like a high school girl passing a note in study hall! 

Two weeks later she called and told me to clear my schedule. We were going to happy hour and “my boyfriend” was going to be there.  So I went. It was weird at first.  But we got over it. We talked and hung out all night. A group of us went back to his apartment later and I broke a chair by sitting on it.  So smooth. 

But tomorrow night, it will be 10 years since our first kiss.  And it’s the been the best 10 years of my life.

So… first love who?


One Response to “Day 3 – Your first love”

  1. Stella M. October 20, 2010 at 10:48 am #

    I guess you can say that that broken chair did bring you luck! 🙂
    Nice story. I’m loving this “30-day” thing.

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