Day 7 – Favorite movies

27 Oct

I love movies.  I love to sit down and get lost in the story.  I can’t even begin to narrow it down to my favorite movies so I am going to just spit out some movies I love and why I love them. 

Gone with the Wind:  I remember being a teenager and my dad bringing Gone with the Wind home from the video store.  It was two tapes so it counted as our two movies that time.  I refused to watch it.  A boring old movie from what year?  I didn’t even care about the Civil War.  So my dad made me promise to watch fifteen minutes.  Then I could stop watching and go to my room.  After watching fifteen minutes, my dad turned it off and told me to leave.  I, of course, was hooked from Scarlett’s first fiddle-dee-dee.  And I hadn’t even met Rhett Butler yet! Every time I watch it, I discover something new I love about it that I never knew before.

Casablanca:  After Gone with the Wind, I realized there might be something to these classic movies.  So much so that one year during summer vacation, I woke up at 7 am to watch Casablanca.  It was always on the lists of greatest movie quotes so I figured I would check it out. At first I was confused. It was a little boring and then all of sudden, I started to care.  When they started to sing the French national anthem to drown out the Germans, I burst into tears.  I was bursting with pride for a country I had never been to.

Clueless: Any time this movie is on tv, I have to watch it. I love Cher.  She’s such a fun character.  I love the makeover scene and it reminds me of high school and being dopey.  I love the soundtrack and it never fails to make me laugh.  And even though it’s a little weird when she ends up with the ex-step-brother in the end, you gotta love a happy ending.

Clue:  What a hilarious movie!  It’s so zany and wacky and there are great characters.  My friends in college and I used to quote the lines to each other all the time.  It was a movie that my husband and I bonded over liking when we were first dating too.  And I love all three endings!

Sliding Doors:  I remember going to the theater to see this with a friend and we both left the theater so happy.  We loved the ending.  All seemed right with the world at the end of the movie and it kind of gave me hope that maybe we do all end up where we are supposed to end up. No matter what path we take to get there.

I’m sure there are more but my beast of a dog destroyed the carpet today, I learned that my cycle continues to be screwy and I’m having a tough time getting adjusted to the new job. So I’m going to try to watch some tv and  hope that this sucktastic week will end soon.


4 Responses to “Day 7 – Favorite movies”

  1. FCblacksheep October 27, 2010 at 9:26 pm #

    I looooooove Clueless and Clue. I was overjoyed to see them in your list. I actually had an opportunity once (albeit a very odd one) to use that quote “a plant, I thought they called your kind a fruit,” but held my tongue because I didn’t think anyone would get the reference and I would just be offensive. I’ll never get that chance again.

  2. NGS October 27, 2010 at 10:09 pm #

    Oh, man, keeping up with this once a day thing is killing me. I haven’t seen any of those movies. I don’t really watch movies. But I feel like if I’m going to watch a movie, it should be one of those movies!

  3. Karen October 28, 2010 at 7:30 am #

    Boo for sucktastic weeks. But yay for Clueless! Love that movie! And your others too, but that one in particular is nostalgic for me 🙂 I realized yesterday that one wallpaper that we’re using in a design project is called Crimson Tide. Seriously?!! The wallpaper-name-creators clearly do not share our love of this movie…

  4. Stella M. October 30, 2010 at 7:12 am #

    Haha about your dad’s method to make you see a classic. Really smart!
    Casablanca’s last minute is the best final ever.
    I haven’t seen Clue and Clueless, but I want to.
    Ps. Don’t you love “Pretty Woman” and “F. Gamp”?! I always re-watch when it is broadcast.

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