Day 14 – A picture you love

10 Nov

Wow, this sure is a long 30 days, huh?  These picture ones really stop me in my tracks. I can never find the time to find a picture I love.  Far too lazy for that.  And most of the times, for privacy reasons, I don’t want to post pictures.  So how about instead I make a list of things I love:

  • My husband – he is so supportive and kind and puts up with all my crap.  I love him so much.
  • My family – when push comes to shove, they are supportive. They do and say the wrong thing sometimes but in the end, it’s all out of love.
  • My friends – some of my closest friends I’ve known for over 15 years and sometimes I wonder how they put up with my drama in high school.  But they did and they still love me and I’m so grateful.
  • My pets – Until I have babies, they will be my babies. And I will spoil them rotten. 
  • Coffee – I can’t get through my morning without. I love different flavors and experimenting with different combinations.
  • Cake – There is nothing better than a nice big slice of cake and a glass of milk.  So delicious and comforting.
  • Wine and beer – Sometimes there is nothing better than ending the day or beginning a night with a nice drink!
  • Road trips – There is something so fun about hitting the road and stopping at rest stops and visitors’ centers.  I love the planning and the map reading and the stopping at random places when you see a fun sign on a highway.
  • Museums – I love going to museums and learning about paintings or history or whatever. I love audio guides. Exploring a museum and hearing these little tidbits in your ear.  It makes learning fun.

One Response to “Day 14 – A picture you love”

  1. Stella M. November 14, 2010 at 6:50 am #

    I love roadtrips as well! They’re so much fun!
    I also adore road trip movies, like The Rainman, Thelma & Louise and the wonderfully funny Miss Little Sunshine!

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