Day 17 – Something you’re looking forward to

24 Nov

Besides having a baby?

The holidays.  I love the holidays.  This is my favorite part of the year.  Usually.  I’m hoping that it will be the same this year.  Something to throw myself into instead of thinking about having a baby.

I love everything about Thanksgiving dinner.  All the food, all the preparation.  How all the flavors go together.  I love the fact that the dinner goes on forever. I love the desserts.  I love the feeling of passing out on the couch afterwards and feeling full and happy and loved.   And I even love the shopping the next day if I’m feeling brave enough to deal with the crowds.

I love everything about preparing for Christmas too.  Finding the perfect tree and putting it up and decorating it.  Find the perfect gifts for everyone.  Wrapping them and putting them under the tree. Decorating my house and baking cookies and figuring out what to make for dinner.  And dessert.  And the aftermath.  After it’s all cleaned up, going through and looking through your gifts again, it’s like rediscovering them again.  And then waiting for New Year’s – your clean slate – the chance to look at the year through the new eyes and hope that it will be better than the last.


One Response to “Day 17 – Something you’re looking forward to”

  1. Stella M. November 26, 2010 at 5:14 pm #

    I have a penchant for holidays and Christmas as well. I can’t wait for this Christmas, actually. The long preparation process never ever bores me — especially the buying-presents part, I admit.

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