Note to Self

13 Apr

When I’m driving to work, I always have amazing ideas for blog posts.  But I’m driving. So I can’t write anything down.  And I end up repeating them over and over again in my head.  But then I end up digressing and I end up thinking things like “note to self” and thinking about Norm MacDonald and how I used to have these post it notes that said note to self on them.  And hey I wonder what happened to those post it notes. I wonder where they went?

And so then I end up with nothing and I forget what I wanted to say and so I say nothing at all.

But the things I do remember is that one particular house has a pink trash can (Breast Cancer Awareness maybe?) and every week, I see it and I think, “Oh, their trash day is the day after ours.”  And this is what sticks in my head.  As if that’s a thought that is worth having more than once.  It’s not even a thought worth having once but I have it again and again and that’s what I remember.  So that’s what I’m saying.  Because that’s all that’s in my head right now.


One Response to “Note to Self”

  1. FCblacksheep April 13, 2011 at 7:24 pm #

    Oh, hahahaha…you’re adorable. It may not have been what you wanted to write, but I sure enjoyed it.

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