It’s a….

20 Sep

… BOY!

It was a huge shock to me. I was so sure it was a girl.  But there were boy parts in there, even though he hid them from us for the entire ultrasound.  Finally at the end of the ultrasound, he moved so his umbilical cord wasn’t in the way and showed us the goods.  I can’t believe it but I’m really excited.  I had pictured a girl for so long but now that I think about having a boy, I just can’t see it any other way. 

They did find some other soft markers of Down’s but nothing that is definitive.  Our chances are now 5-8% that the baby has Down’s.  I cried when I heard.  Obviously, this isn’t worst case scenario.  There is still close to a 90% chance that the baby is healthy.  They didn’t find anything wrong with the baby’s heart which was my biggest fear.  The doctor still wants us to come back for a fetal echocardiogram to double-check the heart.  And there was fluid around the kidneys so I need to go back for ultrasounds every four weeks. 

Scary stuff in a way.  But hoping for the best and getting ready for my little boy.


3 Responses to “It’s a….”

  1. FCblacksheep September 20, 2011 at 7:19 pm #

    A boy!!! I didn’t expect that either. So that is some scary stuff but the odds are still well in your favor. The most important thing is to try to stay calm and healthy for the two of you. Many, many people have had scares during pregnancy that turned into nothing. It’s great news that the heart is all good. Fluid around the kidneys? I don’t know what that can mean but it sounds like they’re going to monitor it well so if there is a problem, they’ll catch it. You have the right attitude. It goes quick and you don’t want to find that you spent the whole the time worrying. Wishing all three of you the best!

  2. cinderelly September 20, 2011 at 8:12 pm #

    How exciting to be having a little boy! At least it won’t look like fairy princess land blew up in your home.

    Just remember that your baby has over a 90% chance of not having Downs. I don’t know much about the kidneys but you shouldn’t worry too much. If it was very serious, your doctor would have you coming in more often than every four weeks.

    Now, enjoy your pregnancy and start thinking about how to decorate the nursery and what names you and your husband want. Maybe Reginald or Ferdinand? Just kidding (unless that’s what you like, then by all means name him that).

  3. chon September 21, 2011 at 4:17 am #

    A boy!!!! That is so exciting 🙂 And don’t sweat the small stuff (ok not really small) but just keep on hoping and don’t worry about maybe’s and small percentages. xxoo

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