101 in 1001 Summary

27 Oct

Well, 1001 days are over and my list is mostly untouched it seems.  I really didn’t do as well as I’d hoped probably because my major focus was on having a baby.  And I thought that was ok.  Because I thought I was going to bring a baby home in February.  And really if that was the only thing that I accomplished in 1001 days, it would have been worth it to me.

1001 days.  Almost three years.  And I still couldn’t bring a baby home.  I thought 1001 days was being generous.  Surely, I’d have a baby by then.  Unfortunately not.  And so I had to sacrifice other things to focus on that one thing and so the list didn’t get really done.

39.25 items done on the list out of 101.  That’s like 39%.  Not great.  I’m debating whether I should make a new list for the next 1001 days or whether it will end the same way.

1. Master making a pie from scratch. Crust and all.
2. Eat at a restaurant alone.
3. Scrapbook my Paris and London trips.  (Only half of Paris is crossed out because only half of it is scrapbooked.)
4. Give blood.
5. Try at least 10 new foods. (7 down, 3 to go.)
6. Paint the downstairs of the house (or have it painted).
7. Learn to bake bread.
8. Donate old furniture to charity.
9. Buy reusable shopping bags and use those at the grocery store.
10. Go to the spa and get a massage.
11. Buy 5 “just because” gifts for people.
12. Lose 25 pounds.
13. Join the gym.
14. Go apple picking.
15. Finish a crossword puzzle without any help.
16. Make dinner 5/7 times a week instead of ordering out.
17. Get a promotion.
18. Brush up on my Spanish. (Learn the basics I would need if I were to go to a Spanish speaking country.)
19. Then go to Spain. (I went to Amsterdam and Italy instead – I’m counting that.)
20. Have a margarita with N.
21. Grow an herb garden.
22. Go to Vegas.
23. Spend a day wandering around an art museum like I used to in high school/college.
24. Find a pair of jeans that fits me perfectly.
25. Go to the dentist.
26. Have a baby.
27. Plant flowers in the spring/summer and keep them alive for the season.
28. Have my girlfriends over for brunch.
29. Go to mass at least 3 Sundays out of 4 a month.
30. Read 100 books. (Not all just fluffy fiction either!!)
31. Be kind to people even when I angry with them at least three times.
32. Vote in non-presidential elections.
33. Stop taking the elevator at work.
34. Start going to the dermatologist every six months again. (I have A LOT of moles.)
35. Clean out my closet and donate all clothes that don’t fit, etc.
36. Build a snowman with A.
37. Write thank you cards for all gifts received (even if from best friends who don’t “require” a TY card).
38. Buy something fabulous at Anthropologie when I lose weight. (No matter the cost.)
39. Take my mom out for a fun day and try to avoid getting annoyed with her.
40. Pay off credit cards.
41. Buy a grill and patio set and use it regularly in the summer (hopefully enjoying the flowers I’ve planted and kept alive).
42. Have a “horrible movies that we love anyway” marathon with my brother.
43. Call home to talk to my dad instead of just my mom.
44. Invite friends to stay with us.
45. Learn how to find the Big Dipper without any help.
46. Learn how to understand the stock market.
47. Read a news website every day. (AND NOT THE ENTERTAINMENT SECTION!)
48. Go to a farmer’s market.
49. Learn to cut my cat’s nails.
50. Fix wall in bathroom.
51. Clean out garage so I can park my car in it.
52. Finish the basement.
53. Reconnect with one old friend that I’ve lost touch with.
54. Go to one book reading by an author.
55. Learn to make pierogi from scratch from my mom.
56. Get cholesterol checked.
57. Buy a fireproof box for important papers.
58. Use our fine china at least once a year.
59. Replace smoke alarms in our house.
60. Eat at four new places in Philly. (New to me, not new to the city.)
61. Improve my Polish vocabulary by reading one thing in Polish a week.
62. Accept a compliment without pointing out things that I did that weren’t right
63. Visit the Barnes Museum before it moves to Philly (if they are still planning to move it, well visit it either way).
64. Bring champagne next time a friend has great news to celebrate.
65. Try absinthe.
66. Find a way to display A’s shot glass collection.
67. Use my silicone bakeware. Don’t be afraid, just take the plunge.
68. Have the courage to speak up next time someone is saying something unPC.
69. Spend one weekend without any internet access at all.
70. Do a 5K walk/run and raise money for it. (Raise at least $200 for it – it’s my 1st one so I don’t know how much to expect so I’ll start slow.)
71. No snooze button for one week.
72. Buy one piece of art.
73. Have the mole on my scalp removed. (Have been too scared to do this for a while.)
74. See Wicked on Broadway.
75. Go to a concert with A.
76. Start a new family tradition with A.
77. Get my wedding band re-dipped. (It’s white gold.)
78. Get all broken chains fixed by jeweler.
79. Start replacing our lightbulbs with energy efficient ones.
80. Take a bubble bath.
81. Request my credit report.
82. Unpack those last 5 or 6 boxes that have been stuffed in a closet since we moved in to our house.
83. Take a makeup lesson.
84. Play mini-golf, unsarcastically.
85. Go to the Hershey spa. (I’ve had a gift card forever. It’s probably losing money by now.)
86. Buy two extra umbrellas and keep them stashed at work and in my car
87. Ask to speak to a manager to compliment good service rather than to complain.
88. Decorate every cake I make, even if it’s just a cake I made for us to snack on.
89. Go to an Oktoberfest. (I went to two beer festivals. I’m counting it. )
90. Go to a music festival.
91. Call the number to opt out of credit card offers.
92. Get a pedicure once a month during sandal season.
93. Sew the button back onto my bright pink coat. (Learn how to properly sew a button first.)
94. Send my grandmother some money.
95. Go to DC to see the cherry blossoms.
96. Spend a day without speaking.
97. Decorate outside of house for Christmas.
98. Buy/make curtains for the bedroom.
99. Get fitted for a bra. Oprah says I’m wearing the wrong size.
100. Master eating with chopsticks.
101. Make a new list of 101 things to do in the next 1001 days.

Start date: January 10, 2009
End date: October 8, 2011


2 Responses to “101 in 1001 Summary”

  1. FCblacksheep October 27, 2011 at 8:53 am #

    Personally I think the items you crossed are pretty amazing. I can tell you I did not accomplish that many new things in three years time, unless you count sampling each new white wine varietal at the liquor store, which I don’t think is anything to brag of. Trying to have a baby is all-consuming and personally I think it’s awesome you had a focus outside of that on yourself and enjoying your life. I think you should make another list. And, I have a super easy online apple pie recipe, crust and all. The key is to make the dough the night before and let it sit for 24 hours. So much easier to roll out. http://www.myhomecooking.net/apple-pie/apple-pie-crust.htm. Just follow the links on the bottom of each page for the next step. Also, I think dealing with your SIL and MIL count as being kind to people if you’re angry with them, even you weren’t exactly angry.

  2. Erin W November 21, 2011 at 11:17 am #

    This looks like excellent progress to me, but my 30 Before 30 list was kind of DOA. Sometimes life just throws that wrench in, like, “Aren’t you cute? Creating little challenges for yourself? Maybe you’d like an enormous one.” So that happens, but I think the takeaway is forty years from now when you’re looking back on this time, it won’t be because you accomplished 101 little things, but rather because it was the year that you withstood a tragedy. Feel free to marvel at yourself and what you’ve been through and say, “And I’m still getting out of bed most days? I’m Elizabeth Taylor. I’m Scarlett effing O’Hara.”

    And by the way, if you haven’t ever treated yourself to a massage, now is the time. You need and deserve one.

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