Number 11

6 May

I was able to cross another item off my 101 in1001 list.

Number 11: Go to the dentist.

Most of you are probably reading this wondering why this is even on my list.  I mean, it’s not a stretch, right?  Wrong.  I haven’t been in probably 10 ten years.  The last time I went, I got my wisdom teeth out.  I haven’t had any desire to go back since.  So I skipped my first cleaning after my wisdom teeth surgery.  Somehow that turned into skipping ten years of them.

While at lunch, my coworker mentioned she hadn’t been in a really long time.  I assured her that it couldn’t be longer than me.  During this conversation, we were both lectured about going to the dentist and my one coworker would continuously remind me that I needed to make an appointment.  So one day, I finally sat down to make one.  It took a while – some back and forth message leaving between me and the office and then a three-month wait to get a weekend appointment, but both my husband and I went.

About a month ago, I went for a cleaning and exam.  I left there puzzled.  Why had I waited so long to go? That was so painless.  This past weekend, I went to go get a filling and get fitted for a mouth guard. (I grind my teeth constantly – during the day and while I sleep.  It’s stress and that certainly hasn’t been lacking in my life lately.) My cavity was so bad that it was almost a root canal so it’s a really good thing I went when I did, the dentist said.

I have an appointment set up for November for my next cleaning and in a month I go back to make sure my mouth guard fits.  All that stress for something that was so easy to take care of.  I feel like this is a constant theme in my life. I dread and put things off over and over again.  Once I have to face the things I’m dreading, they are never as bad as I thought it would be.  I just have to get off my butt and do the things I’m dreading.


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