Number 29

8 May

Last year, I gave up soda for Lent and it felt near impossible, but I did it. I rewarded myself with a giant 44 oz. Coke Zero on Easter morning.  And I promptly went back to drinking just as much soda as I did before Lent.  This year, I did something that hurt just as much but I did it and was able to cross an item off my 101in1001 list because of it.

Number 29. Go one month without fast food.

I put pretty strict guidelines on what constituted fast food too.  Fast food was any food that was not served to me by a waiter after taking my order.  So no drive-thrus, no Panera, no buying lunch in the cafeteria at work, no pizza delivery, no Chinese take-out, no Chipotle.  I did break one time and that was when I had to do an emergency baby-sitting when my sister-in-law had to rush to the ER. We ordered pizza because I was starving and we didn’t know when they would return.  But when I told anyone this, they said pizza didn’t constitute fast food in the traditional sense.

I brought lunch every day.  I would either make dinner or my husband would make dinner.  One time my husband brought home donuts and a debate ensued as to whether donuts were fast food. (We decided that they were a pastry item so they were ok.  Once they were in my house, I couldn’t say no.)

I was impressed by how long I held out.  Especially since I am a big lunch buyer.  I hate packing my lunch. I never remember to do it, I feel like it takes too long and it’s so convenient to buy a sandwich at the cafeteria.  Sometimes, I just want to escape too. Sometimes I just want to run out and buy lunch and not be at work for a little while.

I find that I’m resorting to fast food less now that Lent is over.  When I can, I bring a lunch.  We’ve both been cooking more – especially my husband. It helps that he is an amazing cook!  I find myself slipping into bad habits lately, but I think now that I recognize that I am, I can quickly remind myself that it was doable and it was easy to not resort to fast food constantly.  I guess sometimes it is good to test your willpower and see where your limits are.


2 Responses to “Number 29”

  1. FCblacksheep May 8, 2012 at 8:51 pm #

    Pizza is absolutely not fast food. It is a dietary necessity and should have its own section on the food pyramid. I’m so impressed you kept up on bringing a lunch. I do pack regularly but some days it’s a treat to myself to eat out. Awesome job!

  2. cw May 9, 2012 at 1:04 am #

    Good for you! Sorry pizza is definitely fast food FCB! I don’t really like pizza unless I make it myself!!

    You are doing great guns and you are totally knocking items off the lsit. xxx

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