Google Searches

17 May

I love when people do Google Search posts.  Here are the crazy search terms that led people to my blog and the like.  I never get those. There are obviously people who use the same search term to find my blog every day because the same terms keep coming up every day over and over again.  But no one ever stumbles upon my blog with anything crazy.  Maybe once or twice – but that’s about it.  So I rarely check.

Today, I checked.  Someone found me by searching “I had to have a D&E to save my life” and my heart broke in two for that person.  I just wanted to cry for them, with them.  I hope that something they found here brought them some level of comfort.  I don’t know where they are in their grief but if you’re still reading, it gets easier.  I promise it does.

I don’t know if it ever gets easy.  I’m not there yet.  I still struggle with guilt and sadness about the loss and anger about the unfairness of the world.  But it gets easier.



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