Number 13

14 Jun

Number thirteen.  Volunteer.  

When I first put this on my list, I had something in mind.  I was going to volunteer for Resolve or something infertility related.  I was going to volunteer for something related to infant loss.  I’m not sure when I lost interest in this.  Perhaps, if an opportunity presented itself, my interest might be renewed.  I just don’t want to seek something like this out right now.  Maybe because I’m still so scarred by all this.

I did decide to volunteer though for something adoption related.   I am volunteering with a dog rescue in our area.  I signed up for it a little while ago but was just called recently to volunteer at an event.  They have weekly events where there are dogs available to meet and play around with to see what options are available.  Often, they  need volunteers to hold dogs on leashes and explain the process to  people who are interested.  They also use these events to collect donations for the rescue.  I was responsible for one dog at this event and there were two people interested in him.  One older lady said she was going to put in an application soon. It felt so nice to know that I was part of helping find this little guy a home.

I will absolutely be back to volunteer at other events in the future.  Just hanging out with all those dogs for a few hours made me feel so happy and upbeat.  Animals really do bring such joy.  I can’t believe that for so many years I was afraid of dogs!  And now this past weekend I was in a crowd of dogs, holding a few dogs at a time, and not being scared at any of them.  So even though this wasn’t I had in mind when I made this list, I’m happy I’m doing it.


One Response to “Number 13”

  1. cw June 14, 2012 at 10:36 pm #

    You are ROCKING your list at the moment I am super proud of you right now. I am so pleased about the job and the volunteer work is just great. xxx

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