My priorities are out of whack

29 Jul

I feel like it’s been very difficult for me to move forward with our adoption application.  It’s so overwhelming to start this process, to look up the information we need,  and to ask our friends to be our references.  It’s a lot to do for a five-page application!

It’s even harder when there are things that are easier to do, like decorate the nursery on Pinterest.  That is my new obsession.  I find adorable things and pin them and then imagine what the nursery will look like.  I have about 25 potential themes for the nursery bouncing around my head!  I found the crib I want and the glider I want and I’m just seriously ready to decorate even though we have not begun the adoption process yet.

My priorities are completely out of whack.  I’m planning a nursery for a baby that will never end up in my house if we don’t fill out the damn application!

That said, we have made a MAJOR dent in it.  We actually filled it out for the most part and then luckily I called the agency to ask a question and learned that they had updated their application since we met with the agency in November.  So they sent me the new application and it is completely filled out except for two references.  We know who we would like them to be but we have to talk to those people before we put their names down and make sure they are willing to do this.

Slowly we are making progress.  I can’t imagine how I will feel when it is completely filled out and submitted.


3 Responses to “My priorities are out of whack”

  1. Dspence July 30, 2012 at 9:00 am #

    The excitement and pressure go hand in hand sometimes. I often let the fear hold me back from the things I am truly inspired to do. I’m afraid that I may fail. I hope and pray that you keep moving forward, pushing the negative aside and embracing this exciting time!

  2. Erin W July 30, 2012 at 1:50 pm #

    I don’t think you should feel bad about focusing on the fun parts, like the decoration. You certainly have gritted your teeth and withstood the hard parts more than the average mom-to-be already.

    (Also, if you choose Joey Tribbiani as your reference, make sure he knows not to sign as “Baby Kangaroo Tribbiani.”)

  3. FCblacksheep August 1, 2012 at 8:38 pm #

    Planning a nursery on pin interest sounds like a way better time than paperwork. Yuck. I 100% agree with the above commenter. You’ve already muddled through crap. It’s time for some fun things. Happy you’ve got a good start though!

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