This too shall pass

6 Aug

In high school, I struggled with depression.  I just never really knew it.  I was sad a lot.  I could never sleep.  I would be up all night worrying.  The Precious Moments figurines are cheesy to me now but back then I loved them.  A friend bought me the figurine called “This Too Shall Pass.”  It was a boy holding a heart that was broken in half and bandaged up.

I loved that figurine.  It gave me hope. It reminded me that the bad times weren’t going to last forever.  It would end eventually and good times were bound to be around the corner.  I brought it with me from dorm room to dorm room and apartment to apartment.  I’m not quite sure where it is now, though.

Maybe it’s a good thing.  I don’t know how much hope it would give me now.  Right now it just reminds me that everything passes.  That means even the good passes to make way for the bad.  It gave me hope when my years of infertility made way for a pregnancy.  It broke my heart when it meant my pregnancy ended.


What do you think?

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