9 Aug

MODG has a great post about how she feels about the Chick-Fil-A scandal.  But it’s totally not about that at all.  I don’t know how to describe it. Just read it and then come back here when you’re done.  I’m too tired to do it any justice and try to summarize it so I’m going to make you do the hard work for me.  And frankly if you’re not reading her blog already, I’m doing you a freaking favor by introducing you to it.  You’re welcome.

So, you’re back?  Alright, even if you didn’t go anywhere, I’m going to pretend you did.

She makes a great point in this post.  There was a time where you had no idea how people felt about politics or religion.  In high school, my best friend was my best friend and I had no freaking idea how religious she was until we turned about 30 and she started making comments about premarital sex and all of a sudden all I could think was, “OMG, you must think I’m a major whore…”  Now in the world of Facebook, you can’t escape it.  You know how the kid that was your neighbor when you were seven feels about Chick-Fil-A or Penn State or that he is really really into every game that Zynga ever created.  You also know that he runs seven miles a day, loves his dog and hates his ex-girlfriend.  You know way too much about this guy that you wouldn’t recognize as an adult unless he was wearing a nametag.

So now in light of this and many other issues, I am learning way too much about the people I am friends with on Facebook.  And the worst thing is that I can’t unknow any of it. So the next time, I see people, all I will think is what they are posting on Facebook – good or bad.  I try not to post these types of things on Facebook because I think there is a time and place for those types of discussions and Facebook is not that place.  Others do not agree with me and so I’m forced to know they feel and because I don’t do this on Facebook, I can’t scream at them about how stupid and insensitive they were being.

For example, I have a Facebook “friend” who I’ve met a few times.  She was a friend of a friend and when she requested to add me, I didn’t think anything of it.  Or maybe I even added her. I don’t really remember.  Anyway, I knew a little about her and  I knew she was very religious but didn’t really care.  Until she started showing up in my News Feed every few days with vehemently pro-life posts.  I have always been pro-choice.  Most people know this about me.  I support a woman’s right to choose.  Many times I had told people, “I’m pro-choice, but my choice is to never have an abortion.”  That was before I ended up in the hospital with pre-eclampsia.  That was before I was told that I could die and take my baby with me or I could have a D&E and live.  Even then, I fought for 48 hours to deliver that baby myself but it wasn’t happening.  And I can tell you, I am very grateful that I live in a country and state where I had the choice.  Because even after I was discharged from the hospital, I had to go back in because the pre-eclampsia was still wreaking havoc on my kidneys and liver.  God only knows what would have happened to me if I tried to keep delivering naturally.  I can’t even imagine what she would think of me if she knew what I went through.  I can’t unknow that.  Every time I see her from now on, I will think that she would damn me to hell if she knew what I did.

Another Facebook “friend” is someone who I consider a real friend.  I had no idea how she felt about gay marriage until this Chick-Fil-A scandal broke.  Then she tried to cover it by saying that she was supporting the right to free speech.  Stop deluding yourselves, people. This isn’t a free speech issue.  I mean, yes it is, but that’s not why you’re supporting it.  You’re not eating at Chick-Fil-A on a Wednesday because you’re supporting free speech.  If you did support free speech, then you would support people’s boycott of Chick-Fil-A.  You have the right to say you don’t like gay marriage and I have the right to take my money elsewhere because you said it.  You’re eating there to oppose gay marriage.  And now I can’t unknow  that.  Every time I see her, I will think that she would oppose two of my best friends’ marriage even though she has never met them and has no idea how much they love each other.

I used to think that logging onto Facebook was torture because everyone was announcing their pregnancies or posting pictures of their newborns.  Now I think it’s torture because I know too much about what people think and it makes me so angry to know that I can’t change any of their minds.


2 Responses to “TMI”

  1. cw August 9, 2012 at 12:13 pm #

    I guess thats one good thing about my FB hardly anyone posts anything unless it’s a stupid update like winter sucks (that was me) or something sport related. No one i know would ever post anything about abortion or gay marriage unless it’s support people’s choice. That’s not to say they would maybe not be harbouring different views they just generally wouldn’t take that to FB – which is a relief cause I don’t need to know that sort of shit.

    But you didn’t have an abortion, you gave birth. The technical (quite frankly ridiculous) term may be that but if you didn’t you would have died and I don’t care what some persons interpretation of the bible is you would have died. Your friend may have issue with someone choosing to do it for lifestyle reasons – say it interfered with their abilities to party but hours, no way.

    The simple solution tho is to de friend a) she will never know and b) will you ever see them again?

    I regularly delete who cares – will probably never see them again.

    Or block them so you don’t have to read their bigotry.

    • Erin August 15, 2012 at 7:10 pm #

      Hear, hear. I used to Facebook for cute nephew pics but now the sister in question spends all her time taking part in the bottle feeding vs breast feeding war. News flash I don’t care!!!! Give me nephew pics and feed them however you want!!

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