There is a world to be lived in

6 Sep

A Mourning Mom posted this letter from Joseph Kennedy Sr. to one of his friends who lost his son.  When I read it, it seemed so perfect to me that I wanted to share it.

Dear Jack,
There are no words to dispel your feelings at this time, and there is no time that will ever dispel them. Nor is it any easier the second time than it was the first.

And yet I cannot share your grief, because no one could share mine. When one of your children goes out of your life, you think of what he might have done with a few more years and you wonder what you are going to do with the rest of yours.

You never really accept it; you just go through the motions. Then one day, because there is a world to be lived in, you find yourself a part of it again, trying to accomplish something–something that he did not have time enough to do. And, perhaps, that is the reason for it all.  I hope so.

Sincerely, Joe

The one part that really stood out to me is the part about moving on.  I never had words to describe how it felt to move on but the way he phrased it was perfect.  “There is a world to be lived in” and “you find yourself a part of it again.”  It just happens.  You wake up one morning and  you stop reminding yourself that you’re not pregnant anymore and you just go to work and live your life.  And then after a while you realize that you’re healing because you haven’t had to give yourself a pep talk to get out of bed.

It’s both a good and bad thing about tragedy.  There is a world to be lived in and when you are heartbroken and hopeless, it is a cruel, hard fact to know that the world is turning without you.  Afterwards, though, there is a world to be lived in and at some point you rejoin it without even realizing  you’ve done so.

And you hope that you are living a life that would make your baby proud to be yours.


2 Responses to “There is a world to be lived in”

  1. chon September 7, 2012 at 1:50 am #

    I think you are. You are so brave I am so proud of you.

  2. ronagirl9 September 16, 2012 at 11:14 am #

    I love the simplicity and truth and clarity of that letter. Thank you for sharing. A little over a year after the loss of my only child, my daughter Naima, to SIDS, I find it still very hard to find myself in the world again, but there isnt really much of an option is there? And yes all we can do is try to make our babies proud.

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