Crossing things off the list

6 Jan

I’ve been reminded that I have a 101 in 1001 list.  I kinda forgot about it.  So I started to go through my list to see if I can cross anything off and I can.   So very quickly, here are some of the things I’ve done:

14. Go to the dermatologist.

I finally made an appointment for a mole check.  Once we started seeing an RE, I felt like I was going to the doctor so much already.  I was in a doctor’s office once a week at minimum and most weeks, it was more.  So I let all other doctor’s appointments fall by the wayside.  And then after we lost the baby, I just didn’t care about anything, much less my health.  And that’s dumb.  And unfair to the future baby if I’m not healthy.  So I made an appointment.  All my moles are ok.  Will be back in a year. Painless.

44. Make something I found on Pinterest.

I made multiple things I found on Pinterest.  Like these Angry Birds cupcakes using this Funfetti cake recipe.  Note: never use that recipe. The cake was dry and flavorless but the decorations were a hit.  One of these days I’m going to have to do a post of my cakes I’ve decorated.  I take terrible iPhone photos so don’t except to see something you’d see on Annie’s Eats on here but it would be fun to share.

48. Go to a taping of Anderson.

Yeah, so Anderson is canceled.  I’m going to have figure out a new thing to replace this.  I did watch him and Kathy Griffin during the New Year’s Eve countdown.  They are ridiculous together. I laughed so hard.

52. Adopt a family next holiday.

Done.  I thought of her Christmas Day.  I hope she loved the gifts.

54. Hang pictures in our house.

Done.  We bought several paintings at Pier 1 and Bed Bath and Beyond and Home Goods and I just love how adding a few pictures here and there has made our house look more lived in.  So happy we did this.  Also I made my husband a canvas from Red Barn Canvas for our anniversary.  He loved it and we have to hang that up too.

58. Have a sleepover with friends.

No, not done.  But I just realized that I had this on the list twice.  So that makes two new things I have to come up with on this list.

67. Buy new wine glasses.

Actually this got done last Christmas. I just never noticed it was on the list.  My mother-in-law bought me wine glasses for Christmas.  Love them!

76. Take a short class in something (cake decorating, pottery, etc).

My friend found a Groupon for fondant decorating classes so we did a fondant decorating class together.  It was so much fun and it has definitely made me a better cake decorator.  Which I swear you might see someday if I ever post some pics.

So there.  Making progress.  Now I need to get off the internet so I can make number 57 happen.  (That’s the adoption one.)


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