What’s making me happy now

11 Apr

Thing number 1:  The new trailer for the Great Gatsby.  I love this book.  I cannot wait for this movie!

Thing number 2: This pet hair removal stone. OMG, if you had a dog that sheds all over your couch because even though you vowed you wouldn’t let your dog up on your couch you are a major pushover and he sleeps there every night, then this is for you!  I rub the couch lightly with this.  It piles the hair in a pile and then I vacuum up that pile.  Cannot wait to use this in my car!!  Best $12.49 we ever spent!

Thing number 3:  World’s biggest game of Pong is being played in Philly.  Awesome. I so want to enter the lottery to play but I don’t want people to see how much I suck on that large of a scale.

Thing number 4:  Mad Men came back on Sunday.  It’s pretty much the only show I am willing to sit through commercials for.  It is so worth waiting for.  I’ve read that a lot of people though the season premiere was slow.  I thought it was great.  I’m not watching this show for it’s fast pacing.  I’m watching it to immerse myself in their world.


What do you think?

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